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It might be surprising to sports fans around the world that there is a city out there which has held both a World Cup Semi-Final AND a World Athletics Championships that they have never heard of. Well, Daegu is that city and it’s quite a dynamic place to live. It is a big city (2.5 million people) with a small town feel. While there is certainly a bustling atmosphere in the downtown area, most of the city is made up of quiet neighbourhoods with local corner bars and delicious yet inexpensive restaurants. Unlike many other large Korean cities, it is mostly laid out in a grid system which greatly reduces traffic snarls, and the 3-line subway system is modern, clean and convenient.
Historically, Daegu was the administrative seat of government for the Joseon Dynasty and most of the ruling classes came from this city. That tradition has continued into modern times with many presidents, including the current president Park Geun-Hye, hailing from Daegu or the surrounding townships. Old habits die hard, and Daegu is known for being the most conservative city in Korea, however it is easy to see how the youth of the city are leading the charge toward modernity.
Daegu is quickly becoming a culturally diverse city and this is reflected in the wide variety of restaurant options. In addition to world renowned Korean food, the city also boasts a wide variety of international restaurants, and there is hardly a country’s cuisine which isn’t represented in some way. The delicious food and warm Korean hospitality make dining in Daegu a great experience!
For those looking for an exciting night out after dinner, this truly is a city that never sleeps. The wide variety of foreign theme bars, nightclubs, clubs, dive bars and local hostelries means you’ll never be short of things to do. Even on a shoestring budget, you can eat drink and be merry. The bars won’t shut down until you do, and when that time comes, what better way to round off the night with a bowl of haejangguk (Spicey pig’s spine soup)? This local hangover cure is famous with both locals and expats alike. Whereas a decade ago, one would have to roam the city looking to watch a sports event such as rugby or football, now there are sports bars everywhere. If you want to try something with a more Korean feel, you can’t beat a ‘Makkeolli Jip’ or Rice Wine House’.
Shoppers can also get their fix in Daegu: From designer stores and high-end boutiques to low-cost electronics stores and traditional style markets, there’s something for everyone! Koreans love shopping and eye-shopping (window shopping) is a favourite pastime for Korean girls. Or if you’re more interested in seeing the sights and learning about the history and culture of Daegu, there are plenty of museums, theatres and historical sights to keep you entertained. For the nature lovers out there, you’ll find some gorgeous parks and great hiking!
Daegu’s location makes it a great starting point to explore the rest of the country and with its low cost of living, it’s quite easy to make your money stretch a long way here! Keep an eye open for new teaching positions in Daegu on our Jobs page, http://www.teachersforasia.com/jobs/, which is updated regularly.

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