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Teachola has been providing trusted, reliable and professional education services for over 10 years to our client schools throughout China, South Korea and SE Asia. With access to an extensive database of ESL and specialist subject teachers and a market-leading online and social presence, we can provide a wide selection of high-quality teachers depending on your requirements.

Why should our School work with Teachola?

(Note: only available for certain subscription levels). We maintain regular communication with both our teachers and our client schools in order to tailor our service to their specific needs. We make a point of visiting our client schools to learn more about their requirements and get to know the team personally. We are known for this high level of personal service both to our client schools and to each of our individual teacher candidates and we have built up a strong reputation for being flexible and easy to work with. We are involved in helping our client schools in many aspects of the hiring process including screening interviews with prospective teachers, arranging interviews between the applicant and the school, visa application assistance, advice with flight arrangements and of course post-arrival support around the clock for the teacher when they arrive at your school.

What type of Teacher candidates can you provide us?

We have dedicated online job advertising websites and numerous market channels for advertising roles and sourcing candidates, but we can also leverage our vast database of potential candidates. This combined with our strong presence on all the key social media platforms enable us to provide a very strong teacher recruitment service with the ability to source high quality high volume candidates at short notice.

The 4 main types of candidates we process for our client schools are listed below:

  • Professionally certified Teachers
  • Principals and other leadership roles
  • High quality ESL Teachers
  • Administrative staff
  • Short term contracts

How will you screen candidates for us?

(Note: only available for certain subscription levels). We screen all of our teachers during a Zoom interview, reference checking and regular contact via email. We always aim to present a choice of quality applicants to all of our schools when they are looking to recruit. We ensure that any potential teacher we represent has the right character to teach at your school and is positive and enthusiastic about coming to teach in Asia.

We have learnt from experience that if we don’t sense this enthusiasm during our initial contact with potential teachers, we don’t tend to continue working with those people.

So you can be assured that all of our teachers are of a very high quality and are excited about the prospect of coming to teach in Asia.

How do you communicate with Teachers and Schools?

(Note: only available for certain subscription levels). We make a point of getting in contact with our teachers during the first few weeks of their contract, to ensure the integration goes smoothly for both teacher and school, and we maintain regular contact with both parties throughout the course of contract .

As a testament to the quality of our process, a large percentage of teachers sign contracts for subsequent years with the school they are placed in, so our potential clients can look at this as a smart long-term investment.

We always have a proactive approach and we like to conduct regular follow-up checks with our schools to gauge their satisfaction levels with both our overall service and their teacher. Through these checks, we aim to improve your overall satisfaction with our services. A large percentage of our current business is actually through repeat recruiting for the same schools which demonstrates that we value our relationships with any school that we have on our books.

Do you offer any guarantee?

We usually offer a 90-day guarantee on our teacher placements but it depends on the individual agreement we have with our client schools. This covers the school in the event of a teacher/school relationship terminating within the 90-day period (teacher quits or teacher is sacked). This is very rare with any of our teachers. We like to think we manage any problems so that they never get to that stage but if it does occur, we will find an immediate replacement teacher free of charge or return our fee in full. It should be noted that we will have separate agreements with each school or organisation so it may differ from what is stated above.

Can we meet a Teachola representative in person?

(Available for certain subscription levels). To enable us to build a long and trusted partnership with your school, we always like to visit your school and meet with your management team so we can better understand the set up at your school. This allows us to promote the school in a very effective manner and choose the right teacher candidate profiles to send you during your recruitment drive. We also try to set up regular Skype meetings between TFA senior management and your own management team at your school.

We have found this personal approach always results in a very high success rate. This is the reason why many of our client schools hire us exclusively, in a lot of cases, to source quality teachers for them throughout the year.

Do you provide any Teacher Training services for our local staff of teachers?

The ability to provide certified courses is made possible with our online training facility www.teachola.com/courses . Currently we offer ESOL teacher training to both native English speakers and local school teachers to meet the needs of our client schools. In-class training can also be arranged but with current Covid19 restrictions this may be temporarily unavailable, depending on your school’s location.

Many schools are now opting to have cohesion in terms of the ESOL teaching certifications they will accept from applicants, where a certificate of this type is required for the visa application. We have become the preferred certification provider for all incoming teachers with a number of Public School placement programs.

The accredited and recognised training we provide focuses on incoming teachers allowing them to interact with each other and crucially, prepares them for the transition to a new school especially in China or South East Asia.

Tell us more about your Online Level Testing exams products for our students?

English proficiency testing
Literacy & Numeracy Strategies
Classroom Management
Leadership in Education
Language & Culture for new teachers