Hainan Teachola Education Consulting Co., Ltd. 海南题乔拉教育咨询有限公司 is a fully registered business in China

Welcome to Hainan Teachola Education Consulting Co., Ltd. 海南题乔拉教育咨询有限公司.

We have been providing trusted, reliable and professional education services for over 10 years to our client schools throughout China. With our extensive database of specialist subject teachers both currently in China and from overseas, we can provide a wide selection of high-quality teachers depending on your requirements.

Supporting your Teacher Recruitment requirements

We specialise in sourcing quality teachers who are already living in China, with our network expanding throughout 30+ cities across China. We offer a high-end professional service at a very competitive price, which is why so many schools have chosen to work with us.

We also have an extensive network of candidate supply channels through our long-established connections with Universities and Teacher training colleges across the UK & Ireland in particular, and close ties to universities and colleges in North America, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

The majority of our teacher profiles fall under two main categories:

1) Fully licensed subject specialist teachers

2) Teachers with an ESL background in China who want to pivot into teaching their preferred subjects.

If you are interested in learning more about our HR Consulting services, just message us via our Enquiry form above to set up a call with one of our senior management team so that we can assess your requirements and provide you with a business proposal.

Visa Document Legalisation Services*

From our UK office in Belfast, we run an in-house service for our partner schools to process documents for high-volume teacher applications. See our pricing in the link at the bottom of this page and if you are interested to learn more about our discounts available for high volume document processing, just message us via our Enquiry form above to set up a call with one of our consultants and we can explain more about the service and discounts available for schools.

*Currently available for UK-issued documents only.

Enquiry Form

Alternatively email info@teachola.com or message us via WeChat

Why use Teachola Education Consulting Services?

  • Experienced team of International Consultants
  • Operating in China for over 10 years
  • Fully registered Chinese business
  • Ease of payment; can issue ‘fapiao’
  • Cut your operating costs significantly
  • Increase efficiency and minimise stress in your HR department
  • Worked with 10,000+ teachers since 2011
  • Extensive network of teachers currently based in China
  • Strong on-the-ground support across China
  • International Schools, Bilingual schools, Public Schools

Our In-China Teacher Placement Consultants


Business Development Director & co-founder

David is responsible for engaging with many of our new and existing partner schools while closely managing our growing team of Teacher Placement Consultants to ensure a high-end service is consistently provided to our clients.


Operations Director & co-founder

Claire manages all aspects related to partner schools contracts, weekly reporting and ensuring Teachola systems run smoothly and efficiently each day.


Senior In-China Teacher Placement Consultant

Ashley focuses mainly on working with our China-based teachers, closely guiding them through each key step in the process.


Overseas Teacher Placement Consultant

Cara is heavily involved in our Overseas Teacher recruitment with particular focus on the UK and Ireland


Hainan Teachola Education Consulting is a fully registered Chinese company


Competitive price point for the high quality service we offer


High sign-up conversion rates


International team of Placement Consultants


Visa Document Processing Services from our UK office


Consulting services in the area of Education technology

Teachola consistently have one of the best teacher sign up conversion rates in the industry

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Top class teachers for quality schools across China