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Whether you’re an experienced IELTS teacher, or teaching IELTS for the first time, this course will provide you with the tools to help prepare students for the IELTS test. In this course, you will learn strategies and techniques to teach all four papers (Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking). You will also have access to the latest materials to help you structure your IELTS preparation lessons.



Module 1

What is so effective about preparing students for IELTS exams?
Examination Overview Tips
Make Exam Preparation Fun

Module 2

Student Complaints When Exams are off Topic
Appropriate learning materials for an ESL exam
Factors to Consider
Factors that may affect exam preparation
Basic facts to consider when choosing materials
International English Proficiency Exams

Module 3

Getting Students Excited for Writing Activities
Types of Writing Tasks
Process Approach to Writing
IELTS Writing Task and Tips

Module 4

Measuring an ESL Reading Assessment
Types of Reading Assessments
Reading Comprehension Skills
Reading Test Behaviour

Module 5

Listening Skills
Testing Listening Comprehension
Listening Techniques to Build Confidence and Reduce Stress

Module 6

Preparing for an IELTS Speaking Exam
Types of Oral Communication Activities
Considerations for Preparing a Speaking Exam
Doing Well on the Day of a Speaking Exam
IELTS Speaking Test

Module 7

Preparing Lower-Level Students for IELTS Exams
Technology Helps
Higher Order Thinking Skills

Module 8

Criteria for Selecting Instructional Materials
Using E-learning for International Exams Preparation
The Importance of Instructional Materials
Final Exam

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