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Our TEYL course is specifically designed to help you learn about teaching English to young learners,  covering lesson planning, games and songs, classroom management, storytelling and more. 



Module 1

Course introduction
Learning a language at primary level
Psychological and linguistic preparation
How children learn a language

Module 2

Does younger mean better?
How do children think and learn
Approaches to teaching
Cross-curricular approach
Self-study questions

Module 3

Metacognitive awareness – Learning to learn
Developing speaking skills
Developing listening skills
Developing reading skills
Developing writing skills
Lesson planning
Self-study questions

Module 4

Selecting and creating material
Songs, chants and games
Using stories and storybooks
Using technology in the classroom
Online helpful links
Self-study questions

Module 5

Classroom management
Assessment and evaluation
Communicating cross-culturally
Effective discipline
Diversity in the classroom
Classroom strategies
Final test

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