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This Teaching Online Specialist Certificate will provide you with the tools you need to teach English online to students of all ages. The course will prepare you for online teaching, or sharpen your skills if you are already teaching online. You will learn to take advantage of the latest technology, such as mobile apps and video conferencing, and will gain a better understanding of how to design, implement and evaluate curriculum content for the online classroom.



Module 1

Benefits of E-learning
Other forms of E-learning
Why online teachers like blended learning
Learning management systems effectiveness
Main benefits to integrating LMS
Online learning can
Using thinking to learn

Module 2

Why is E-learning so effective?
Technological Tool Effectiveness
Strategies, equipment, and skills in online courses
If teachers have three to five computers in the classroom
Adjusting the system on effective online instruction
Picking up a search engine

Module 3

Advantages of chat rooms in E-learning
How to use and integrate different types of chat
Vocabulary in the Chat
How E-mailing works and its benefits
Focus on Reading and Writing Exchange

Module 4

Teachers of the Future – Using New Skills and Thoughts to Prepare Students
What will ELearning Look Like in the Future?
Preparing and Supporting Online teachers
Purpose of Electronic Material and Practical Steps to Create an Online
Why do Teachers Need and Want to Change the Way they Teach When They
Move Online?
Getting Started
Final test

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