Voted the best city to live in by expats in a 2019 survey, Taipei received its high marks for being the easiest city to get settled in, the work-life balance satisfaction of teachers living there and for its financial security and housing.

Taipei – Taiwan

Another bonus for Taipei is that it is a very safe place to live with crime rates that consistently place it as one of the safest countries in the world.

Like a lot of Asian cities Taipei is rich with the juxtaposition of old and new. Historic buildings and food vendors are dotted across the city’s narrow streets alongside shiny, record-setting skyscrapers. Food lovers will already know that Taiwan is renowned for its wide selection of street food and snacks with many Taiwanese delicacies making their way around the world, i.e. the craze that is bubble tea. Whether you chose to eat in a restaurant or sample the street food, you can rest assured that the food will be cheap and delicious.

For outdoor adventurers, the subtropical island is a treasure for outdoor enthusiasts. Taiwan has the highest concentration of mountains in the world – 286 in total! And whilst the country may lack the beach holiday reputation of some of its neighbours that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of stunning beaches and amazing seaside towns too.  Thanks to Taiwan’s compact size, taking a day or weekend trip to the south is really easy.

Location Information

Known for street food, hiking & bubble tea
Safe for solo travellers
Advanced public transport  NT$ 20
Cost of living per month inc. rent  NT$ 10 -14,000
Meal for two at mid-range restaurant NT$ 6-800
Lunch local restaurant NT$100
A beer for one .5l ¥9
One-way Subway ticket NT$20
Cinema Ticket NT$ 200
Monthly gym membership NT$1,200