Shanghai city is a renowned fashion capital with a fantastic mix of western and traditional designs. Many English teachers love this aspect about life in Shanghai.

Shanghai – China

Famous shopping areas, like Nanjing Road and all of the connecting streets, offer endless opportunities for teachers to find excellent bargains. Like any major city, museums and galleries are everywhere and Shanghai residents love to go to the cinema and theatre. In terms of food options, Shanghai boasts some of the finest cuisine in the world and offers a seemingly endless number of local and international restaurants. We’ve heard our teachers say that even if you visited a different restaurant each day in Shanghai, it would take years and years to get to just a fraction of them.

Location Information

Known for Shopping /Nightlife
Safe for solo travellers
Advanced public transport
Cost of living per month inc. rent ¥14,000
Meal for two at mid-range restaurant ¥250
Lunch local restaurant ¥20
A beer for one .5l ¥10
One-way Subway ticket ¥4
Cinema Ticket ¥55
Monthly gym membership ¥420