Seoul, with a population of 12 million, is a bewildering capital that takes a while to get to know well, but only because there is so much to see and do.

Seoul – South Korea

From the country’s best markets to glorious palaces, you can explore the different neighbourhoods and downtown areas that are linked by a spider’s-web subway system, which feels like its own underground world, with many stations connected by fascinating underground tunnels of uniquely Korean shops and restaurants

The most popular areas for newcomers are Itaewon and Insadong but once you get to know the city you’ll find many other locales to explore and the expat communities that inhabit them, such as the upmarket Gangnam – now made world famous with the annoyingly catchy tune ‘Gangnam Style’ that took over the pop music world for a time!

Location Information

One of the most modern cities in the world with amazing food
Safe for solo females
Many expats living in the city
Cost of living per month inc. rent ₩ KRW 2,700,000 per month
Meal for two at mid-range restaurant ₩ KRW 40,000
Lunch local restaurant ₩ KRW 9,000
A beer for one, .5l ₩ KRW 3,750
One-way public transport ₩ KRW 1,250
Cinema Ticket ₩ KRW 10,000
Monthly gym membership ₩ KRW 65,000