Chengdu is the thriving capital city of Sichuan Province. This hugely popular city offers expats a wonderful balance that tends to keep its foreign population very happy.

Chengdu – China

Obviously there are the world famous Panda bears and the beautiful surrounding nature. Combine that with the world-famous food and you can understand the attraction. Chengdu is considered a very international city where you can find foreign goods and Western bars, or even take direct flights to Europe. Yet at the same time, it is very Chinese in the traditional sense, that is perhaps lost in other big cities. Chengdu has kept its original charm and presents a slowed down version of life that is different from that offered elsewhere.

Location Information

Known for Pandas / Delicious spicy food
Safe for solo travellers
Advanced public transport
Cost of living per month inc. rent ¥6,000
Meal for two at mid-range restaurant ¥160
Lunch local restaurant ¥20
A beer for one .5l ¥10
One-way Subway ticket ¥3
Cinema Ticket ¥50
Monthly gym membership ¥220